The sisterhood of ΣΟΠ was founded in 1930 to further the awareness of women in Asian culture. As strong women participating in various social, academic, and community activities, we maintain our objectives of unity, friendship, leadership, and community service established over 80 years ago.
The purpose of ΣΟΠ is to promote unity, lifelong friendships, leadership, and community service. This organization offers women a supportive network of sisters to achieve academic and social growth. The sisterhood of ΣΟΠ provides an environment where sisters may utilize and develop their organizational skills.
Each one of our sisters has different interests and aspirations, yet we all share one common ground - ΣΟΠ. We have based our sisterhood on four objectives - UNITY, FRIENDSHIP, LEADERSHIP and SERVICE. In addition, ΣΟΠ has a tradition of lifelong friendship that has prevailed for over eight decades.
We have over 1,000 alumni sisters across the country. Be apart of our long history. Make a difference in the Asian American community and experience the sisterhood ♥